söndag 30 oktober 2011

Ord som berör

Sitter i soffan och varvar ner efter en helg full av program, nya människor, känslor, tårar och skratt. Har varit på FDUV:s familjeläger tillsammans med ett gäng underbara familjer.

Har sedan fredagen varit totalt avstängd från den virtuella världen, vilket faktiskt gör gott mellan varven. När jag väl hemma öppnade e-posten och fb blev jag så berörd... Jag har fått så fin respons på den här bloggen och lördagens insändare i Vbl. 

Speciellt värmer orden från ett syskon till ett handikappat barn. Att människor som denne värdesätter ens ord betyder mycket. Och åter igen får jag tacka min speciella vän som själv är funktionshindrad som sporrar mig att fortsätta och gillar texterna. Den feedbacken betyder faktiskt extra mycket. Tack igen M! 

Nu finns inte ork och krafter att börja analysera mig och mina känslor desto mera, får vänta till nästa vecka. Men ett tack vill jag skicka till er som orkar höra av er. Era ord berör mig.

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Linda Howell sa...

Hey there! I'm going to write to you in english, cause I think I can express myself better than Swedish! I have a friend that posted Ajankohtainen Kakkonen's link on fb!! I am really discusted about her (Taina Kovalainen)comments. I have a daughter that is autistic and her twin brother and herself have language disorders. I struggle everyday with my kids, but I would never change them!! I love your blog (found it when I googled Taina Kovalainen ajankohtainen Kakkonen) We have a great community here in Maine (we live in Maine, USA) and with the help of the community and the school system I believe that my twins will be able to live a great life! Just hoping that the world and its people will become more acceptable of disabled kids/adults! I enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the good work!! You are not alone! Hugs, Linda ps. I would rather live with/or be neighbours with a disabled person than the snobby dance instructor!

Anne Salovaara-Kero sa...

Hey Linda!
I´m so happy to get this feedback from you : )And it is fine to write in english. I can practice mine by writing a few words as well (if you don´t mind some words spelled wrong!)

I agree with you about Ajankohtainen kakkonen. It was horrible to watch it! I am actually thinking about writing to YLE in this matter and ask them why they let this woman spred her attitudes on nationwide TV... If she would have said those word about an etnical minority I guess it would not have been broadcasted. Maybe.

Anyway I welcome you to join my life, virtually. It always helps when one knows "I am not alone!"
And I am happy to read that your community is great!

Lot of hugs ower there and take care!

Linda Howell sa...

You are right, I already thought about sending a letter to YLE and complaining. I think that YLE really wasted precious tv time on Ms. Kovalainen and her comments. They could've instead made a positive segment on menatlly and physically disabled children and adults in the community and what services the community offers to them and how they adjust to everday living and what their chanllages are! Just a thought for Ajankohtainen Kakkonen's next news report ;) Anyhow, enough about that, lets concentrate on our children in making sure that they will know a better world!!

Happy Halloween to all you in Finland! Taking the kids out trick or treating tonight, going to have to hide all the candy when we're done, haha!

Will keep on checking in on your blog!
Thank you again for your warm welcome for me to follow it!

Hilkka sa...

Hamnade här av en slump och fann din blogg mycket intressant, jag kommer absolut fortsätta att titta in här och läsa.. =)

Anne Salovaara-Kero sa...

Hej Hilkka!
Och hjärtligt välkommen att följa vårt liv!
Ha en bra dag,